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Chromaster, High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

Category: Chromatographic Equipment Partner: Hitachi

High Performance Liquid Chromatograph – Chromaster Fulfilling the customer’s needs. This goal underlies the data reliability and the ease of operation of the systems. Intuitive operation based on an LCD touch panel. Consideration to details. True value of HPLC is here in the Chromaster.

High-speed Amino Acid Analyzer L-8900

Category: Chromatographic Equipment Partner: Hitachi

Our Amino Acid Analyzer, Model L-8900, is the culmination of the technology and expertise earned through our extensive experience in manufacturing amino acid analyzers for over 50 years.

HITACHI Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Category: Spectroscopic Equipment Partner: Hitachi

Never Ending Evolution of Hitachi Zeeman Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer ! ZA3000 series developed to meet user’s needs is a new elemental analysis instrument which employs the technology unachievable by other atomic absorption spectrophotometers so as to enhance the functionality and reliability while preserving the basic performance of the polarized Zeeman atomic absorption spectrophotometer, such as high accuracy and high Read more »

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer F-7000

Category: Spectroscopic Equipment Partner: Hitachi

Compact system capable of performing many new functions such as sensitivity (S/N 800:RMS) and ultra high-speed (60,000 nm/min) at the highest level of its class. The application of fluorophotometry has been expanded to various fields such as industrial materials, in areas such as organic electroluminescence and liquid crystals; environment-related areas, such as water quality analysis; pharmaceutical manufacturing, such as the synthesis and development of a fluorescence reagent; and to biotechn Read more »

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer F-2700

Category: Spectroscopic Equipment Partner: Hitachi

The operation panel can be standard installed, and F-2700 be used by the Stand-alone. The space of PC can be reduced. Read more »

UV-Visible/NIR Spectrophotometer UH4150

Category: Spectroscopic Equipment Partner: Hitachi

Model U-4100, the expert in solid-phase spectrophotometry, has advanced even more. Now, Model UH4150 has emerged inheriting the reliability of the U-4100 Spectrophotometer, which boasts the total number of shipments more than 1,500*1 units. Read more »

ICP Optical Emission Spectrometers (ICP-OES) PS7800 Series

Category: Teledyne Leeman Labs Partner: Hitachi

A bench-top plasma emission spectrometers. Adoption of double monochromator equipped with echelle grating as a dispersive device, has made it possible to meet wide range of needs to measure various samples with high resolution comparable to large size spectrometers. Read more »

Sequential High-resolution ICP Optical Emission Spectrometers (ICP-OES) PS3500DDII Series

Category: Teledyne Leeman Labs Partner: Hitachi

The instrument was designed as not only high speed and high accuracy measurements but also performs superior optical resolution for 400nm stage, which important in rare-earth metal, with an energy saving design concept. The newly developed Hyper Direct Drive and superior control technology enables high precision measuring. Read more »