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KL32 Automatic Level

Category: Automatic Level Partner: Kolida

Kolida Automatic Level is Excellent shockproof design . Exclusive closed magnetically-damped compensator , Totally sealed structure for using in any weather and Reflector-type circular vial observation.

DT02 Digital Theodolite

Category: Digital Theodolite Partner: Kolida

Absolute disc Absolute precise , Extra large screen Extra clear view field Theodolite.

DL202 Digital Level

Category: Digital Level Partner: Kolida

Just aim, focus and simply push the red button to take the measurement. With its easy one-button operation, Kolida DL-200 series does not need any intensive training. Pre-installed measurement programs will also assist various leveling tasks and accompanied calculations.

Kolida K9TX GNSS Receiver

Category: DGPS/RTK GPS Partner: Kolida

GPS KOLIDA K9-Tx GNSS Receiver, Advanced UHF data link technology, proven low-elevation tracking technology and on-board multipath mitigation. Enhance radio work range. Rapid and stable network data link, can work with various CORS systems built by other manufacturers seamlessly. Powerful software systems, can authorized different professional survey software for different application.