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Category: X-ray Difrractometer Partner: PANalytical

The multipurpose solution for your analytical needs With the Empyrean, PANalytical has set the new standard for a multipurpose diffractometer. In developing the ultimate X-ray platform for the analysis of powders, thin films, nanomaterials and solid objects, the PANalytical R&D team has redesigned all key components of the X-ray diffractometer from the ground up. It is PANalytical's answer to the challenges of modern materials research, where the lifetime of a diffractometer is Read more »

X'Pert3 Powder

Category: X-ray Difrractometer Partner: PANalytical

The next generation cost-effective, multipurpose X-ray diffraction platform X'Pert³ Powder is PANalytical’s newest X-ray diffraction system based on the fully renewed X’Pert platform. With new on-board control electronics, compliance with the latest and most stringent X-ray and motion safety norms, advances in eco-friendliness and reliability the X’Pert³ Powder is ready for the future. The system offers an affordable solution for high-throughput, high-quality phase identificati Read more »


Category: X-ray Difrractometer Partner: PANalytical

XRD made easy Meet Aeris – PANalytical’s ease-to-operate and user-friendly benchtop X-ray powder diffractometer. With its intuitive operation, Aeris makes X-ray diffraction so simple that it is accessible for everyone. Aeris comes in the editions Cement, Read more »

CubiX range

Category: X-ray Difrractometer Partner: PANalytical

One solution for multiple industrial applications CubiX³ is used in all industries where control of incoming powders, production and quality control are important. The CubiX³ range includes dedicated versions, tailored to the needs of those working in mining, iron and steel, building materials, aluminum production, pharmaceuticals, tooling or catalysts.The CubiX³ is available in the following versions: Read more »


Category: X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Partner: PANalytical

X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) is capable of elemental analysis of a wide range of materials, including solids, liquids and loose powders. Designed to meet the most demanding process control and R&D applications, the Zetium spectrometer leads the market in high-quality design and innovative features for sub ppm to percentage analysis of Be to Am. Building on years of experience and success with our extensive analytical X-ray portfolio, Zetium represents a revolutionary step in mat Read more »

Epsilon 1 range

Category: X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Partner: PANalytical

Small and powerful The Epsilon 1 is a fully integrated energy dispersive XRF analyzer consisting of a spectrometer, built-in computer, touch screen and analysis software. Powered by the latest advances in excitation and detection technology the Epsilon 1 is a star performer in the low-cost benchtop instrument class. Epsilon 1 produces fast, cost-effective, precise and accurate data with minimal operator dependence and sample preparation. The total running cost is therefore much lowe Read more »

Epsilon 3X automation

Category: X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Partner: PANalytical

Flexible and safe automation for process control Historically, the automation of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) instruments has been limited to high-power wavelength dispersive (WD) XRF systems. However, more and more benchtop energy dispersive (ED) XRF spectrometers are sold into production control as cost-effective solutions because of improved performance. Recent advances in Epsilon 3X (ED)XRF spectrometers make them an attractive alternative in Read more »

2830 ZT

Category: X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Partner: PANalytical

Advanced wavelength dispersive XRF analysis The 2830 ZT wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) wafer analyzer offers the ultimate capability for measuring film thickness and composition. Designed specifically for the semiconductor and data storage industry, PANalytical’s 2830 ZT Wafer Analyzer enables the determination of layer composition, thickness, dopant levels and surface uniformity for a wide range of wafers up to 300 mm. Read more »