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Colour Assessment Cabinets

Category: InstrumentsLight Booth Partner: verivide

VeriVide’s Colour Assessment Cabinet (CAC) offers immediate colour viewing in consistent, controllable lighting conditions. CACs instantly remove problems caused by the variability of natural daylight, and are a highly cost-effective way to ensure colour accuracy and product quality.

Lamp options and paint

Category: InstrumentsLight Booths Partner: verivide

Often, colours need to be assessed using more than one light source in order to replicate different viewing environments. The need for different light sources becomes apparent when, for example, consumers complain that a product ‘looked different when we got it home’. When two or more materials match visually under one illuminant but mismatch under another, the inconsistency is termed metamerism. It is most usually caused by differences in the colouring matter used for ea Read more »