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EXECUTIVE PRO Series 360 EP Balances

Category: Precisa Instruments AGPrecision Balance Partner: Techcomp

With the 360 EP series balances, Precisa is setting new standards: innovative, high-tech instrumentation which includes the latest technical developments, unique performance features, best user-interface and the most modern design to establish the 360 EP series as the very bench-mark for modern laboratory technology. The 360 series owes its extremely high reliability and durability to the well-known competence of Precisa’s engineering and development. The weighing cell is of the highest mec Read more »

Iris iQ200SPRINT - Urine Automated Microscopy

Category: Urinalysis Partner: Beckman Coulter

DELIVER ACCELERATED PATIENT RESULTS WITH LESS SUBJECTIVITY The Iris iQ200SPRINT is one of the fastest, high-capacity systems on the market. It automates up to 101 microscopic samples per hour and delivers faster turnaround times with accurate standardized results. By leveraging Iris's proprietary Digital Flow Morpohology technology using the Auto-Particle Recognition (APR) software, urine particles are isolated, identified and characterized on the screen to virtually eliminat Read more »

High-speed Amino Acid Analyzer L-8900

Category: Chromatographic Equipment Partner: Hitachi

Our Amino Acid Analyzer, Model L-8900, is the culmination of the technology and expertise earned through our extensive experience in manufacturing amino acid analyzers for over 50 years. Read more »

Iris iChemVELOCITY - Automated Urine Chemistry

Category: Urinalysis Partner: Beckman Coulter

AUTOMATED URINALYSIS CHEMISTRY SOLUTION FOR ALL WORKLOADS The Iris iChemVELOCITY sets the standard for automated urine chemistry analysis with the development of the ascorbic acid test pad to identify possible ascorbic acid interference with key chemistry assays, ensuring laboratories clinically relevant information. The urine chemistry system offers high throughput of up to 210 samples per hour and ease of use to maximize lab performance and productivity. The iChemVELOCIT Read more »

SATRA STM 603 Slip resistance tester

Category: Slip resistance Partner: SATRA TECHNOLOGY

The SATRA slip resistance tester has been developed following extensive biomechanical studies and is representative of conditions encountered during walking when slip is most likely to occur. Read more »

HITACHI Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Category: Spectroscopic Equipment Partner: Hitachi

Never Ending Evolution of Hitachi Zeeman Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer ! ZA3000 series developed to meet user’s needs is a new elemental analysis instrument which employs the technology unachievable by other atomic absorption spectrophotometers so as to enhance the functionality and reliability while preserving the basic performance of the polarized Zeeman atomic absorption spectrophotometer, such as high accuracy and high Read more »

ChromasterUltra Rs, UHPLC

Category: Chromatographic Equipment Partner: Techcomp

HITACHI Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph supports cutting edge analysis ChromasterUltra Rs, an ultra high performance liquid chromatograph, provides the ultimate in high performance, high resolution, and high sensitivity analysis that are becoming requirements for research and development in pharmaceutical and chemical fields. HITACHI UHPLC supports cutting edge studies including the h Read more »

STM 566TB Tensile testing machine attachment

Category: Tensile Tester Partner: SATRA TECHNOLOGY

These SATRA thread bollards are used to determine the breaking load of threads and laces. Supplied as a pair of jaws. Read more »

STM 633 SATRA/Martindale abrasion machine

Category: Abrasion Partner: SATRA TECHNOLOGY

This machine is ideal for determining the abrasion resistance of all types of fabrics and leather used for footwear, upholstery, clothing, gloves and many other products. The Martindale is the internationally-accepted test standard for wear of fabrics and it is also used for determining the susceptibility of fabrics to pilling. Read more »

STM 566ST Tensile testing machine attachment

Category: Tensile Tester Partner: SATRA TECHNOLOGY

Often called the ‘Baumann tear test’, this is the industry standard for testing the tear strength of leather. Supplied as a pair of jaws. Read more »

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