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Discrete Interval Samplers

Category: Hydrograpic Survey Instrument Partner: Solinst

The Model 425 Discrete Interval Sampler is a stainless steel groundwater sampler, with LDPE tubing mounted on a convenient reel. Discrete interval sampling is ideal for obtaining truly representative groundwater samples from below floating product layers, or for obtaining samples of the product itself. The Discrete Interval Sampler can also be used to profile open bodies of water, boreholes, and to collect samples from distinct levels or points of inflow. The Discrete Interval S Read more »

Kolida K9TX GNSS Receiver

Category: DGPS/RTK GPS Partner: Kolida

GPS KOLIDA K9-Tx GNSS Receiver, Advanced UHF data link technology, proven low-elevation tracking technology and on-board multipath mitigation. Enhance radio work range. Rapid and stable network data link, can work with various CORS systems built by other manufacturers seamlessly. Powerful software systems, can authorized different professional survey software for different application. Read more »

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